Best of Cape Cod

The Best Cape Cod Lobster Roll

by John

The Best Cape Cod Lobster Roll

The Best Cape Cod Lobster Roll

Our search for the best Cape Cod lobster roll has ended. There are many establishments serving good lobster rolls on the Cape, ranging from exclusive resorts with 5 star dining to tiny fish markets, the size of your garden shed. The thing that the best all have in common is...Loads of fresh lobster tossed with a little mayo...Period! No fillers...No celery...No onion...Fresh lobster, mayo, and a fresh roll. Our goal is to guide you to the Cape's best lobster roll regardless of where it is served.

After much deliberation and a lot of incredible taste testing, our choice for the best Cape Cod lobster roll is...

Young's Fish Market

Rock Harbor Rd., Orleans (508)255-3366

Youngs Fish Market is a tiny place right on the docks at Rock Harbor. The lobster rolls are loaded with fresh lobster meat tossed with a little mayo and served on a hot dog roll...And that's it...Period...Perfect! They are only served to go. If you are looking for a place to enjoy the Cape's best lobster roll, walk down to the end of Rock harbor. There are benches on the edge of the beach, or you can sit on the sea wall and enjoy! For a special treat, coordinate your lobster roll feast with sunset. Rock Harbor features one of the best sunsets on the Cape. Our family has been known to travel miles out of our way to get these lobster rolls for the beach. Wash them down with an icy cold Corona...Ahh, Cape Cod at it's best!

There are two other places that we feel deserve special mention, as their lobster rolls were really exceptional.

The Raw Bar

252 Shore Rd., Mashpee (508)539-4858

The Raw Bar has a great lobster roll. The atmosphere is more "bar" than "seafood shack", with a Caribbean feel. The lobster roll features heaping portions of fresh lobster meat, tossed with a little mayo...Just the way we like them! Wash it down with a rum punch...You won't be disappointed!

The Friendly Fisherman

Route 6, North Eastham (508)255-6770

The Friendly Fisherman is a fish market known for its incredibly fresh, local seafood. It is located in a little strip plaza, and is easy to miss...But if you are looking for a great lobster roll, make sure you don't miss it!

Those are our choices for the best Cape Cod lobster roll. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do. If you don't agree, or you have something to add, please fill out the comments section and let us know! We'd love to hear what you have to say!

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Aug 18, 2015
The Skipper- best lobster roll
by: Anonymous

8 oz. of lobster meat. Huge chunks. Toasted brioche roll. Comes with fries and slaw. South Yarmouth, MA across from the beach.

Jul 02, 2014
Youngs Fish Market Cape Cod
by: Anonymous

Youngs Fish Market on Cape Cod has the BEST Lobster Roll!! I go to the Cape every year for 2 weeks and look forward t havind one every week YUMMY YUM DJC

Mar 13, 2014
Where is Thompson's???
by: Katherine

Where is Thompsons Market on the Cape
The only Thompsons I knew was the farm market in Harwich - Thanks

Mar 13, 2014
Cape Cods best Lobster Roll
by: DJC

If you go to Cape Cod ( Any where ) you got to eat a Thompsons Market Lobster Roll. It makes me wish I was there now instead of in New York. Yum yum

Aug 30, 2013
Say NO to Sesuit
by: Katherine

I agree with the poster below that says the Sesuit Harbor Cafe's lobster rolls are SSSSOOOOOOO overated. Just small bit of lobster compared to many and if you arrive when the line is long the start to pass out the lobster even more sparingly. Pass on Seusuit Harbor and head to Raw Bar if you are looking for volume or if price point is your thing go the Youngs - ENJOY!

May 14, 2012
Lobster Pot in Wareham
by: Marion

Absolutely delicious ! The perfect lobster roll.

May 02, 2012
Best Lobster roll ? From Brooklyn Guy
by: Paul

the friendly fisherman USED to be the best, however the staff became nasty & the rolls were not that great anymore ! Youngs is fantastic but you might want to have a "roll" from Georges fish market in Harwich Port. they are Fantastic ! you Decide. ! also Marions ( pie shop ) isnt that bad either.

Feb 20, 2012
Lobster Pot
by: Sharon

The Lobster Pot in wareham has the best lobster roll. Loaded with fresh chunks of lobster meat.
Absolutely fabulous!

Oct 26, 2011
Capes Best Lobster Roll
by: DJ Cook

You cant beat Youngs Lobster Roll. Ive been going to the Cape for over 40 years. Youngs lobster roll is the best mostly lobster little Mayo ,you cant beat it'

Aug 25, 2011
New York Ed should stay in New York
by: Anonymous

A true lobster roll is simply lobster and mayonnaise. It doesn't need all of the fillers to mask the flavor. Places add fillers to mask the lack of freshness and the amount of lobster you are receiving.

Aug 19, 2011
Fabulous Lobster Roll & More!
by: Karen in CT

Deb's Veggie Depot has it all! Delicious and huge lobster roll made with butter or mayo, you decide. So much fresh, big pieces of lobster it falls out of the roll! The smoked ribs and pulled pork sandwiches are also the BEST!! I will be a customer for life and have recommended Deb's to everyone! We all love you! Great customer service! Have to keep coming back because its soooooooooo good!

Aug 17, 2011
my search is over
by: cindy

if anybody is looking for the best freshest lob roll go to DEb,S VEGGIE DEPOT 440 SHORE RD MONUMENT BEACH in bourne made the way you like it I had it with drawn butter yum

Aug 13, 2011
Raw Bar: I don't get it...
by: New York Ed

I think the basic idea of this page is really very good hence the rating. However, let's talk lobster rolls.

Staying in Hyannis for a few days I really wanted to try one of these things. So after reading all the reviews, I did a search for the address of the Beach Plum, which was a little confusing to find. I thought the Beach Plum was in Cape Cod, but I learned it's actually in Rhode Island. Ok, no big deal, move on to option two; The Raw Bar.

Even though there's a Raw Bar right across the street from my hotel, I decided to take a ride into Mashpee and visit the Raw Bar there.

First let's talk about the service. There is no way anyone can say the staff are friendly. On the other hand they're not unfriendly. It's more like they have no personality at all. Further, it seems that the cook is just waiting for someone to use their cell phone which, according to the many signs, is prohibited in the Raw Bar (including texting) so that he can more or less shout "NO CELL PHONES HERE!".

I'm not a big cell phone fan either, but I don't expect to be embarrassed in a bar & grill because I didn't see some silly sign.

So, onto the lobster roll.

I had nothing to compare this to as it was my first one, but the portion was quite large and it did need to be started with a fork before trying to pick it up. The cook didn't go overboard with mayonnaise, nor was there any celery or lettuce (or any seasoning at all).

I found this sandwich to be extremely bland with virtually no taste other than the mayonnaise. In fact it seemed that the mayonnaise completely masked the taste of the lobster.

Personally, I don't get the big attraction and if this place serves one of the best, then I can honestly say I will probably never order another.

To each his own; I just didn't really care for it at all.

Aug 11, 2011
wow deb
by: jim barnes

Iam from boston i took a ride with some friends to the cape we had heard from some friends that there was a place in mo beach with the best lobster rolls we found it DEB'S VEGGIE DEPOT! I'll diffently have to say its was the best thanks

Aug 01, 2011
someone is definately jealous of deb,s veggie depot
by: Becky tonge

deb,s veggie depot is definately the top #1 in mo beach to eat the variety is something else I love the food the fresh native veggies great prices to and you go in to the store and its set up so incredibly beautiful! I love the pulled pork sandwiches,ribs are great Deb and George your # one to me keep up the good work I love the we can count on you 7 days a week your always there

Jul 27, 2011
by: Rick

LOBSTER POT in East Wareham MA....
Voted..BEST LOBSTER ROLL in New England! NECN TV

Jul 24, 2011
debs depot rules
by: Mark Blankenship

i agree with anthony debs veggie depot has the freshet lobster roll on the cape .i mean you can go to mcdonalds and get a lobster roll and most places give the same frozen meat that they do but you can tell fresh from frozen and deb only uses the best . CUSTOMER FOR LIFE

Jul 21, 2011


Jul 20, 2011
you could'nt ask for better
by: Anonymous

deb where do you get your lobster meat i have never had the most wonderful lobster roll in my life your awesome we even had your pulled pork sandwiches your from mv island where did you ever have a recipe like that it was unbelieveable deb you should be broud of you,re self you,re place is awesome you and you,re husband have the best on cape cod keep it up deb and george I,ll always come to you i love the fact your sandwiches are fresh cooked turkey, chicken ,ham its nice you don,t serve proceed meat your awesome your soups are to die for thanks for for for the best you we,re meant to be in mo beach don,t forget you get all the native veggies you,re perfect for us there,s no place like you deb,s veggie depot 440 shore rd monent beach bourne ma 02532 your no#1 keep it up

Jun 23, 2011
absolutely the best freshest huge delicious awesome
by: Anonymous

Deb,s Veggie Depot has to be number one to me located 440 shore rd monument beach bourne ma. The place its in an old train station.I was shocked when the train went by. The veiw is breathing the place is great you can even get veggies and fruits. They told me they get all native veggie and fruit when there in season.The people are awesome. There number one to me Good job Deb

May 06, 2011
The Raw Bar
by: Anonymous

I agree the best place for a lobster roll is the Raw Bar in Mashpee, Cape Cod. $25.00 may seem like a lot but boy oh boy is it worth it. Bet you can't eat one

Apr 02, 2011
best lobster roll
by: Anonymous

I went to the LOBSTER POT in Wareham today and I thought the lobster roll was PERFECT. Just the way it should be made. Not only the lobster roll, but everything about the place. Clean, great fast service, all fresh made food cooked to order. Very impressed.

Jan 14, 2011
Best Lobster Rolls I've had
by: Grampas Antique Kitchen

I am very critical when it come to food. I am also very frugal/cheap with my money. So I want very good at cost effective prices.
I have not tried ever place mentioned in other's reviews, but i will!
I go out of my way to stop at either the Raw Bar in Mashpee at $25 for this gigantic Lobster roll or at The Beach Plum in N'Hampton, NY on route 1 for their nearly as large roll for $17.
Now I live over 100 miles from either place. We take motorcycle rides to both places just to get the Rolls. If on business within 25 miles of either, I'll go as well.
I bought one at Beach Plum for $17 and another on my out of town at a fish market for $10. I could make 3 to 4 out of the Beach plums Lobster roll like the one for $10 at the fish market.
One could easily make 5 regular $10 lobster rolls at most places out of the Gigantic one from the Raw Bar. Yes its messy if you try to pick it up to eat it. Too bad you are forced to eat at least half of the meat with a fork befor you can attempt to pick it up as a sandwich. Some people will complain about anything!

Sep 01, 2010
Our scholarly findings......
by: Anonymous

We just completed a three day tour of the regions Lobstah Roll providers and have noted that the lads of Young' whip up a "cost effective" lobstah roll.....$9.50 is fillers....

If one goes right next door to Cap't will finda lobstah roll at twice the price (with added sides of fries and c-slaw) A bit more lobstah meat.......but still at twice the price.....

Advantage............ Young's. Now talk some trash guys!

Aug 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

Stewarts in North Eastham on Rte 6 just opened this season...
Amazing Lobster roll! Stuffed to the brim with a ton of lobster pieces and a tad of mayo - comes with fries and a pickle for $15. I don't know how they can afford to cram this much proper Lobster in every roll, every time! Enjoy!!!

Jul 06, 2010
I have played this game
by: JZ

Have eaten at all of the places listed and some are good, some are just so so, but to be honest go for the hidden jewel at Liam Maguires in Falmouth. Not as big as Raw Bar, but oh so much better. I almost dont want to mention it as it is busy enough there. Lightly toasted and buttered roll and loads and loads of claw and tail meat with just a bit of mayo. Its absulutely perfect and no attitude to boot!

Jun 27, 2010
Arnold's=BEST LOBSTER Roll so far in Eastham
by: Anonymous

Cape and Wareham, BEST LOBSTER ROLL.Just got back from trying 5 different lobster roll places. Arnold's WAS THE BEST.On RTE 6 in Eastham, just a little bit past the Friendly Fishermasn.--full tasty roll, and huge servings of good Onion rings, fried clams and fries too. Clean and efficient. So, Arnolds=#1. Friendly Fisherman= skimpy # 2 ; Lobster Pot in Wareham = # 3. Captain Frosty in Dennis not good / no comparison. If you live off Cape near Framingham go to Kelly's Roast Beef--they have better Lobster rolls than any we had on the Cape. The original Kelly's is in Revere Beach and a few other new Kelly's are popping up. HUGE Pieces of DELICIOUS lobster meat--not mashed up/diced up stuff!

Jun 23, 2010
best lobster roll search
by: kelly

After reading about Young in Orleans we took a ride . We arrived around 11:30 am on a beautiful Friday morning.Never too earyly for a lobster roll. Pleasant people and a very nice lobster roll for 9.50 the least expensive so far on our search. I too would like a toasted roll,but it was very tastey and a nice size portion for the price. Next we went to the Friendly Fisherman.We ordered steamers and 1 lobster roll to share.The person who took our order told us that the lobster rolls aren't as big as last year. Not what I wanted to hear at $17.00 a roll. Anyway the lobster roll came with lettuce and not your monies worth of lobster. We had told her why we were there and so she asked our opinion when we were done. I told her for the money I would go back to Youngs and get 2 lobster rolls. Youngs were much better tasting too. The taste taste goes on. Hopefully the Raw Bar is next. It's a tough job. :)

Jun 21, 2010
Young's ...mmmmmmmm!
by: UncleB

Stopped by this weekend to try Young's and they did not disappoint. Nice portion size and a great price...$9.50!!!!.
I'd like to try it on a grilled bun just to see if that would give it a little something. However, the meat was great and I'd go back for another in a heartbeat.

Jun 13, 2010
Best Lobster Rolls
by: Kelly

Just saw some reviews on TV on the best lobster rolls in New England. The # 1 was the Beach Plum in North Hampton. So we went. WOW they weren't kidding. $16.95 for a slightly grilled mounded lobster roll. Worth every penny. Tastey and loaded . Awesome !!! Then 2 days later on the way back home, tried the #3 which was the Lobster Pot in Wareham. No comparison at ALL !!! For $13.50 I probably got 3 or 4 oz of lobster on lettuce ( which only purpose is to take up space) Too much mayo. What a poor excuse for a lobster roll. Called the manager on the way home about it and he didn't think that was wrong. Anyway, we have been to the Raw Bar years ago and they give a great lobster roll. I'll need to go soon to update my tastebuds.I only wish I had taken a photo of the 2 lobster rolls so that I could show the Lobster Pot what a real lobster roll looks like. I told him to try the Beach Plum so he could see the difference. His answer was that The Beach Plums cost more. DUH !!! But for the 3.50 more you get that much more. I then called the Beach Plum and gave them KUDOS for serving the BEST !!!

Jun 10, 2010
bigger doesnt mean better
by: Anonymous

I've heard a lot about the Raw Bar, so I had to try it. There definitely was an abundance of lobster meat on that sandwich, BUT it was very bland and about halfway through it, I had had enough. I wasn't satisfied when I left. Lots of bland meat, and didn't see any tail meat. Very messy to eat and very expensive. Will not go back

Jun 08, 2010
Voted Best Lobster Roll!
by: Newt S.

to the LOBSTER POT, in East Wareham MA,for being voted one of the

May 06, 2010
Not an educated guess...
by: Chef Mel

The Friendly Fisherman.. by far the best I have had, just perfect and HUGE!! Stop by and try theirs...never be afraid to try the "other guys"!

Mar 24, 2010

I found the best lobster roll!

The LOBSTER POT Cranberry Highway, Buzzards Bay,on the Wareham line has the best lobster rolls. They use fresh chunks of lobster meat,add a little mayo (NO CELERY),and place it on a toasted hot dog roll with a little lettuce. So simple, but sooo...good ! The fresh taste explodes in your mouth. I mean it! It unbelievable, the flavor of fresh lobster, my favorite food. The difference is they steam their lobsters(not boiled), so the lobster flavor isn't washed away into the water, it stays in the lobster meat. That must be why it is so good.
Well, one thing I can say, it's been a lot of fun looking for the best lobster roll, but even more fun eating them.
ENJOY & have fun !

Nov 12, 2009
Luscious Lobster Roll
by: Charl

Without question or pause, the definitive and absolutely BEST lobster roll on the Cape can be found at Cooke's. Either location.

The roll's just slightly grilled (grilled) and then stuffed--and I mean stuffed- with lobster meat, bit o' mayo and that's it. Nothing else. Orgasmic. :) know what I mean. :)

Sep 29, 2009
Sesuit - No!, Raw Bar - Yes!
by: John

Whoever said that the lobster roll at the Sesuit Café in Dennis was the best lobster roll on the Cape obviously has low standards. We traveled to this out-of-the-way place based on a recommendation on this site and we were very disappointed with what we received. When the food arrived at our table, there were two slices of tomato and a piece of lettuce in the roll. I don’t like that in my roll as it just takes up more room that could be used for more lobster meat. A small pile of lobster meat was on one end of the roll and it looked like they used a small ice cream scoop to place it there. Even when I spread it over the rest of the roll, I would bet that I would get just as much meat in a lobster roll at MacDonald's. Definitely not worth the effort or money to go to this place!

You want the best lobster roll on the Cape? Go to the Raw Bar in Mashpee. The lobster meat (100% meat, no fillers) is piled up so high on the roll that they give you a fork so you can eat enough to be able to pick up the roll and eat the rest of it. Those people with an average appetite can't finish the roll and often take the half of the roll home. Good drinks, friendly staff, and pleasant surroundings make this a definite place to visit again and again!

Aug 01, 2009
Best Lobster Roll on Cape Cod
by: Kevin C.

As a resident of Cape Cod my entire life (61yrs), the Lobster Roll has always been a number one choice of mine. Over the years I have ordered Lobster Rolls in hundreds of establishments. Without question, the top two Lobster Rolls can be found at the Raw Bar in Mashpee,and the Beach Plum in North Hampton. These two establishments far outshine everyone else. Lobster, atouch of mayo, nothing else on the roll. Beach Plum was voted # 1 Lobster Roll at the Hampton Beach Seafood Festival last summer. I'm so hungry typing this, I think I will head down to the Beach Plum today. Having returned for a few days from the Cape,having Lobster Rolls from both places in the same week will be a first. It can't get any better! Kevin C.

Jul 30, 2009
5*STAR ***** in every way

the "LOBSTER POT" in Wareham, without a doubt, has the best lobster rolls. They use fresh chunks of lobster, including the tail meat.Next time you eat a lobster roll, see if they use fresh lobster,and if they use the whole lobster (tail, claw, & knuckle meat}I don't know how they do it for
only $13 bucks! it's definitely the best.

Jul 26, 2009
sesuit cafe
by: shawn

Has anyone tried sesuit cafe? Its a big boat yard located off of historic 6a believe its Dennis over looking Nantucket sound. After driving through a very nice and elegant section you come upon a marina right next to Cold storage beach. My first impression of the place was a little shack then I stepped out of my vehicle and saw a million dollar view to die for. We ordered lobster roll plates and I couldn't even see the hot dog roll it was loaded with huge chunks of fresh lobster. After eating your lobster roll you can walk 10 feet to the beach and watch the yachts and charter boats chug on by. Reccomend you go around sun-set and I gaurantee you will not be dissapointed. Then if you have room head to Sunday school for dessert ohhh I love the Cape.

Jul 19, 2009
Absoulte BEST lobster roll on the Cape!!
by: Cape Cod Nana

Having worked in Cape restaurants for 35 years and KNOWING a good lobster roll, there is no doubt in my mind who has the best one. It is, hands down, the Raw Bar at Pomponesett in New Seabury. YOU WILL NOT FIND BETTER! Untoasted roll( never toast a lobster roll, as it detracts from the taste of the lobster) with just a hint of mayo.....that's it! Why would anyone ruin the delicate taste of lobster with celery, gobs of mayo, spices, etc.?? Second best? The Chart Room's lobster sandwich on portuguese bread. It is very good, but not as good as the Raw Bar's. Now go try it.....and no cell phones! Steve (owner) will not allow them, so turn them off. Enjoy!!

Jul 04, 2009
by: Anonymous

The Lobster Pot in E Wareham MA,
has the best lobster roll. It is by far the best I ever had. Not only the best in the cape area, but the best in New England.

Jun 14, 2009
Liam Maguires has the best lobster roll!!
by: Love seafood!!

We visit the cape cod area every year. I absolutley love lobster. We went to almost every resturant and seafood "shack" to try their lobster roll and chowder. After a long week and a lot of calories we stopped by liam maguires for a bite after shopping. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the guy next to us with a HUGE lobster roll so I just had to try it. It was the BEST lobster roll I have ever had. It had enough meat for 3 lobster rolls!!! We were so happy with all of their food and service we go back every year. You must try it it is incredible!!!

Jun 12, 2009
Poppy's best? Eh...not so much
by: Anonymous

Sorry for being a contraian here but The Raw Bar at Poppy does NOT have the best lobster roll on the Cape. That is, unless you love your lobster frozen out of a can. For the ebest FRESH lobster roll on the Cape gp tp The Friendly Fisherman in Eastham.

Apr 24, 2009
Ya Gota Go To Moe's !!!!
by: Rob Nichols

The best are at Maurices Campground located in Wellfleet right accross from the Drive In theatre. Best price and more meat for the buck. The Store is open from late May till to Early September.....Go see Big Moe !

Feb 21, 2009
Best Lobster Roll
by: kathy

Poppy does have the best lobster roll but.. try the lobster roll cruise in Dennis. You get the cruise and a lobster roll too!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feb 17, 2009
Lobster Roll Search
by: Paula & Tim Miller, Carriage House Inn Chatham

Dear John and Maria,
Hi, from the Carriage House Inn Chatham, we are on your same wave length and we appreciate your comments on our blog about the search for the best lobster roll. Did you guys ever try Captain Cass at Rock Harbor-we love their rolls, only open seasonally. we look forward to trying Popponesett's soon...thanks for your support...Paula & Tim

Jul 21, 2008
Popponessett Inn Has The Best Lobster Roll
by: John

Our search for the best Cape Cod lobster roll led us to the Popponesset Inn at New Seabury. We had been told "You have to try the lobster roll at the Poppy". As we followed the meandering road through New Seabury, we could tell we were in for something special. The community is beautiful. Its streets lined with luxurious homes seemingly tucked neatly into each lot.

We arrived at the Popponessett Inn and made our way into the bar, where a table on the patio beckoned. The stage was set. From my vantage point, I could see two televisions, both playing the final round of the British Open, and gorgeous views of Vineyard Sound. As the light breeze cooled the sea air, I knew that it didn't get any better than this.

We ordered two Grey Goose seabreezes and two lobster rolls, and waited with giddy anticipation.
When the lobster rolls arrived, we were floored by the amount of lobster meat. The roll was literally overflowing with large pieces of tail and claw meat. There must have been two lobsters in each roll with just a slight amount of mayonnaise. Perfect!

If you are looking for the best lobster roll on Cape Cod, don't miss the "Poppy". There is no doubt, the Popponessett Inn has the best lobster roll on Cape cod!

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